Koochi Friends      

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 Koochi Friends

Story time 


The KOOCHI LAND is CREATED. From tiny creatures like Kitties to Teddies and last but  not the least  the FLUFFY FRIENDS & GOOD HUMPTIES.But the koochi land is attacked by the enemies The BAD HUMPTIES and they demand to take half the koochi land! they say that they will kill some kitties if we refuse Now the half the land is in their hands and they also have captured some teddies.The good humpties have now decided to create a good group to help them "The Koochi Friends".There are 7 koochies Izza,Zahra,Nora,Anam,Snowy,Moochoo and Peachee. From that day on the koochies have been helping!

                                             About koochi Friends

There are 7 koochies Izza,Zahra,Nora,Anam,Snowy,Moochoo and Peachee. Izza is the Leader and Zahra is the vice Leader. The aim of Koochi Friends is to protect Koochies and kill bad humpties. The game of Koochies are the great Pyramid, hide and seek, catch and throw,training kung fu and medicating Koochies who are ill.

 Toys are friends too :D

                                                              The Koochi Song 

We are the Koochi friends  Koochi friends  Koochi friends 

We are the Koochi friends  La la la

Izza,Zahra,Nora,Anam,Snowy,Moochoo and Peachee are the Koochi friends

The Koochies are the best.

The Koochies new game is Bloons. Koochies play it all the time! 

They have a new game to play!

                                              The big battle!

After trainng we saw some bad humpties turning into good humpties and apologizing to us. We agreed but they just wanted to know our secrets and to capture us.But we fought bravely and won the battle Yahoo!

Koochies favorite season of winter has come! Hooray!